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If you own a business that operates from an office, change happens from time to time, and part of that change might be to move from one office to another. It could be a long-distance move or over a short distance. Whichever the case is, making an office move is not as simple as simply packing some boxes and walking out the door.  It involves a lot of legwork, and you will need to hire office movers for a smooth moving experience. To do that, check out these tips.


  1. Hire a Moving Company

If you want to have a stress-free office move, you should seek out a reputable local office mover. You should, however, have it in mind that commercial movers operate on schedules which are usually booked ahead of the move. So, start planning your office move months before your planned date. Two months is a good time to start planning and reaching out to commercial office movers.

  • Check for Insurance

Do not hire the first Chula Vista mover that pops up on your radar. You have to do your homework too by checking what the commercial moving company you are about to hire has to offer. Businesses operate in different ways, and because you are moving an office, you should hire the right company to do the job.

Check for things like years of experience, how many staff they have, if they are licensed, have the needed resources, and most importantly, insurance. You want to ensure there is adequate protection for you during your office move, especially if you are moving from a shared office building.

  • Know the moving requirements of your office building

Planning your office move is crucial, and while planning, you should find out your office building’s moving requirements. Are you required to carry out move-out cleaning? How many hours can a moving truck spend in front of the building? Do you have to cover the floors when you start moving? It is important to get answers to these questions so that you can avoid any issues that may hamper your smooth moving experience.

Your Chula Vista mover should also be apprised of any development. In fact, carry them along with any information you receive from the building superintendent so that all parties can be on the same page.

  • Label your boxes

Labeling your boxes during an office move is standard procedure, but it is even more important when you are working with a business mover in San Diego. Label the boxes with the items in them and number each box. Record the labeling in a ledger so that you can identify what got lost in case a box goes missing.

  • Be careful when packing

Do not forget that the things you are packing from the old office to the new office are the things that you need for a successful running of your business in the new location. From your cabinets to your electronic devices, make sure you pack them very carefully. If you are no expert at doing this, leave it for the professional office movers that you hire.

  • Get your IT Team Prepared

Your IT team should also prepare ahead of the move by transferring all technical elements in preparation for the move. Your phone connections, internet plans, and equipment should all be transferred to the new office location. They will need to check out the new location to see if you have to make any upgrades to accommodate your existing infrastructure. You sure do not want to have technical issues in your new office, so, prepare well for that.

  • Deep-Clean

You do not have to take anything that you do not need with you. Throw away office furniture that is damaged, or you no longer use, shred unnecessary papers, purge your old office of anything that will be surplus to requirements in the new office.

  • Order new equipment and furniture early enough

You should be able to start operations immediately you complete your move to the new office successfully. From new furniture to equipment, you want to ensure they are already in the new office before you move in. Order for them a month or two before your scheduled move so that once you arrive at the new office, they are all there ready for you to settle in.

  • Update your Office address where necessary

Change your office address on billboards, business cards, website, letterhead, and on other marketing materials a week or two before you move. Make sure you update all your clients and change your business listing on Google changed well ahead of your move. Inform all vendors or suppliers about the move so that future deliveries will be made to the right office address.

  1. Keep your employees organized

Your employees are also an integral part of the moving process. While you are moving the office supplies, your employees also have their individual supplies to move. Make sure you have them label their boxes with their names and department so that the office movers you hire will have no difficulty when unpacking at the new office. This will help make your move more organized and efficient.


Preparing for an office move is a big deal, and while you may have hired a professional Chula Vista mover to assist you, their work will be made a lot easier if you work with them. You can make their work easier by following the tips we have highlighted above so that you can have a smooth experience with your office move.

Leave your office move in the hands of a professional today, and you will not only have a smooth experience, but you will also be able to do other things related to keeping your business running while the commercial mover ensures that every aspect of your office move is being handled with expert, professional and experienced hands.