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Storage Facility

Our San Diego storage facility is state-of-the art, clean, safe, secure and private. We offer affordable storage rates on units varying in size from 5’X5’ to 10’X 30’.

Call us for a FREE on-location storage and moving quote with a fully qualified moving expert representative. They will help access your storage needs and offer options on your moving and storage needs to fit your budget.

When moving your possessions, we can supply moving materials including moving blankets, bubble and shrink wrap, paper pads, padded blankets, and box crating to help ensure your property is protected during the moving process.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Safe, secure and clean storage
  2. We offer a variety of unit sizes
  3. Full line of moving and packing supplies available
  4. Climate controlled units available
  5. San Diego storage experts to help answer any storage questions
  6. All Units are clean and ready to rent
  7. The storage location is a modern state-of-the art facility


A storage facility, whether long-term or short-term, public or private is necessary for keeping your belongings during a period of moving or freeing up space in your home. Doing it the right way can be a bit challenging, and the biggest challenge about using a storage facility is not packing and arranging your things in the storage unit. There are many other steps involved which will help you make sure that the process of storing your things goes smoothly, your things are kept safe, and you optimize your storage effectively. If you want to handle your storage like a pro, follow the tips below to find out the important things to know when moving to a storage facility.


Choose a reliable company

This is about the most important part of using a storage facility. First, you must make sure the storage company you are choosing is reliable and credible. Using a storage facility to keep your things means that you are entrusting a third-party with taking care of your belongings. Even if the things you want to store are not of major value, you still want to hire a company with an excellent track record of professionalism and reliability. Check out reviews from past customers and do not settle for a company because they have cheaper rates. If you no idea about where to start from, consult with your friends and family to recommend any storage company that they know or have used before.

Do not wait till the last minute

When choosing a storage unit, it is crucial that the one you choose ticks all the boxes on the checklist of storage units which are size, price, and level of convenience. You must be satisfied with these three factors before settling for a storage unit. You don’t just get lucky with that, it takes a great deal of extensive search, and it would make sense for you to start your search early enough. If you wait too long, you might not find something that completely satisfies you. Starting late could lead to rushed decisions, which is not good for you and your belongings.

Take an inventory of your items/belongings

You should do this for two reasons; firstly, it helps you to know beforehand the size of the storage facility that you are going to need. And secondly, it will help you with organizing the things in the storage facility. An inventory of all your belongings does not have to be detailed. You can make a general overview of the things you plan to store in the storage facility. The list can contain things like “Five medium boxes and three dressers.”


Label your boxes

If you use a self-storage option, you will most likely not need the items you are storing away for the next few months. So, before you seal those boxes and pack them away, make sure you label each of them according to the items packed in them. You may think you would remember later, but you would be surprised at how easy you can forget. This will save you the stress of opening up all the storage boxes if you ever have the need to come back and grab something.

Do not store valuable things in a storage facility

There is a general rule about storage units which says that “If you cannot afford to lose it, do not put it in a storage unit.” Of course, this does not mean that storage units are not safe; it only means that you should prepare for all possibilities. Most of the time, self-storage units are safe, and our storage facility in San Diego is not open to the general public, but there is always a small risk attached with public storage, which is the possibility of losing or damaging your items. To be safe, do not store your highly-valuable things such as jewelry, art, family heirlooms, expensive antiques in a public storage facility.

Protect your things properly

Things get damaged in storage facilities and sometimes when being moved to the storage facility. To prevent this, you should take time to protect those items by wrapping them in a protective covering. Cover your furniture with moving pads or blankets (do not use plastic because plastic traps moisture). Use packing paper to wrap fragile items and store them securely in a way that they won’t be able to move or slide around. Our movers and packers have all the moving supplies needed for any type of storage item(s) protection.

Be strategic with your packing

This has to do with how you pack your things in a public storage. You cannot tell when you will need to pick something from the storage unit; therefore, make sure you arrange your items with enough space in between them. Organize them in a way that you will be able to access every item whenever you want. Leave a room in between the items, store the important things that you will need toward the front, store the heavier things closer to the ground when stacking the items vertically. The takeaway point here is to arrange your items in a way that you will be able to access any item you want without disorganizing the entire storage. When you hire our moving and packing services, all the above will be taken care of by our staff.

Get insurance or work with a moving company that is properly insured.

Before moving your things to a storage facility, check your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance to see if it covers personal property stored in a storage facility. If it does not, you can add or separately purchase a storage insurance plan from the same insurance company. If you are working with a professional Chula Vista mover, the company will most likely have its own insurance in place which will cover your items.

Don’t store perishable items

You should not pack anything that can spoil after some time. Bad odors and rotting food attract rodents and bugs, and none of those should find a breeding ground in your storage unit.


  • Do not give out your keycode or access code to your public storage.
  • Buy a strong lock if using a public storage unit


Whether you are using self-storage or you hire our storage moving packers, it is important that you store smartly. These storage tips above will help you have the best storage experience and make sure that the things that you have stored in the storage unit are kept safe and in good condition.