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In addition to Long Distance moving services,  consder  hiring packing help for homes and businesses, trucks with movers, or short and long term storage. We can store your possessions in our San Diego, state of the art, secure storage facility that maintains a high level onsite security team, climate controlled units with a  variety of storage unit size and solutions. When you are ready, make a call and we will delever your items anywhere. long distance or locally.

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Moving involves a lot of steps and activities that may be too much for you to handle on your own. Hiring a professional packing service may be the only way to go about it. You should also note that you have multiple options which include packing selected things only or packing everything you have in your house.

If you do not have any problem with the cost, you could hire professional movers to help you with packing and unpacking. There are professional packing services that can help you with packing, unpacking, and settling into your new place. But before you hire packing services, you need to weigh a lot of things such as the cost of moving, how long it will take and most importantly, why you should hire packing services.

Before we proceed, let us check out some key things that hiring parking services entail.

Assess your Home

The professional parking services company you hire will first send a surveyor to access your home, and the things you want to home. In this process, the surveyor will identify all the items you need to move and make a list of each of them. From furniture to the content of your cupboard and kitchen drawers, every item will be properly listed. This is necessary so that they can accurately calculate what it will cost you to move all those things as well as identify those items that require special care when handling them.

They will also note your valuables such as jewelry and artwork and discuss with you the best ways to handle them. There are also those items that you can easily carry along with you on move day.

What type of parking service should you hire?


Full-service packers ensure that all of your furniture is removed, wrapped with protective covering and properly padded securely. They also remove pictures and frames from the walls and roll them into packing boxes with all necessary protection to prevent scratching and breaking. All the boxes will be labeled with their contents and what room the contents were removed from.

After sorting out the things that you want to move, the company will give you a time-estimate to pack your things to the new location and what it will cost you. The amount of things you want to pack and how soon you want them to deliver those things are the major determinant of what you will spend on moving. If you want express service, the company will need to send you more movers, which means more people and of course an increase how much you will be asked to pay. If you own pets or have children living with you, make sure there is someone e.g., a babysitter or pet-sitter to keep them busy during the whole packing process.

So, if you are yet to decide whether you should opt for the full-service packing, you can consider options like time, how many things you are packing, and what you can afford. A full-service packing service may cost you thousands of dollars. It would make things easier if you took some time off work so that you can organize your house ahead of the move day. Packing takes time, and the first things to pack are the things that you will not need over the next one or two weeks. Often, most professional packing service companies can pack all your things within a day, and this is the best approach as it saves your time and you do not have to open boxes every time to pick things that you need.




Apart from the expertise and experience that professional movers have about packing, hiring a packing services company takes all the stress of packing off of you. You can focus on other important things like focusing on work, taking care of your children, and preparing for the move day. With a professional packing services company in charge of your move, you are saved from physical stress as you will not have to lift any of your heavy items. Thus, you will not experience the back-pain and body-ache that many homeowners feel when you finally settle into your new home.


For many people preparing to move from one home to another, time is the most important factor when they are trying to decide whether they should hire packing services or not. Packing everything you have in your house can take weeks and sometimes months if you do it by yourself. But with a professional moving services company, this can be done within a day or a few days. It is so much you have to do when preparing to move – you have to set up moving boxes, load the boxes appropriately and put in place proper protection for all the items in the boxes using newspaper, foam and bubble wrap.\

If you have time constraints and wish to move quickly, hiring a professional packing services company is the most effective option. You can easily leave things behind when moving, and if it is a long-distance move, it is better for you to seek out long-distance moving services to make sure you leave nothing behind.


With professional Chula Vista movers, you will not have to go around in search of moving supplies before you commence moving. A professional packing service company will come to your home with all the supplies that you may need to pack your things successfully, such as boxes, bubble wraps, foam cushion, packing tape, etc. Our professionals will come to you with the best moving equipment and supplies to make sure your belongings and packed properly and securely.


To make sure that your belongings do not get damaged during the moving process, you are better off with a Chula Vista mover. A professional mover has insurance in place to cover the loss or damage of any item. Do not forget that professional movers are properly trained and they know the best ways to move things efficiently. They will take proper care of your items, and if anything goes wrong, there is insurance in place to cover any mishap.