Hiring Long Distance Movers

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Hiring Long Distance Movers

In addition to Long Distance moving services,  consder  hiring packing help for homes and businesses, trucks with movers, or short and long term storage. We can store your possessions in our San Diego, state of the art, secure storage facility that maintains a high level onsite security team, climate controlled units with a  variety of storage unit size and solutions. When you are ready, make a call and we will delever your items anywhere. long distance or locally.

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Moving Tips and Articles


To many, moving is one of the most difficult things to take on, especially when moving over long distances. Relocating over a long distance is a process that has to be gotten right no matter what, and the chances of success should you decide to handle your moving by yourself is stressful; therefore, it is suggested that you hire a professional moving company that specializes in long-distance moving.

However, the solution is not just in hiring any professional long-distance mover, but making sure that this service provider merits the requirements and reduces the risk associated with moving services.

There are quite a number of things to look out for when hiring a moving service company – not only to compare rates and prices but to ensure that your properties are delivered safe and in perfect condition; which is your own goal.

This article aims to expose you to things to look out for in every long distance moving services with strong recommendations that you should only hire a moving service provider that satisfies these requirements and steer clear of the ones who don’t.


This appears to be the most important factor to consider because aside from the reduction of risks, the first thing to do is to get to know who you are in business with. So, when you start doing your search, emphasis must be laid on registered movers, should in case anything go wrong, you know where to look and whom to hold responsible. And sometimes, it is even advisable that your mover must be insured. It makes compensation even easier.



It is advised that you contact a Chula Vista mover based on recommendation. A company’s track record, clientele feedbacks inform an intending client about the company’s reputation. So, as you search public records for registered long distance movers, you must also ensure that you seek people’s opinion about the mover you decide to get into business with.

A mover in San Diego with a glowing and stellar recommendation poses minimal risk. Most times, you should ensure that this recommendation comes from people you trust or deem relatable because nowadays, there is no limit to the chain of scam. Companies are paying people to give glowing recommendations and reviews about them. Do not fall for such.


When you finally decide on which long-distance mover to go with, it is very important that you compare their insurance options with two or more movers. Also, ensure that the insurance options are available and valid in both locations. That your properties are well-insured and protected during the who long-distance trip is the reason you have decided to go with a professional long distance mover. Until this is assured, do not authorize the move.


Do not fall the cheap or affordable rate scam. Before contracting a mover, ensure that you have a quotable rate that is in consonance with the distance of the trip to avoid hidden charges. A moving service worth its onions will charge you based on the number of hours the trip would take plus extra charges. Basically, a good mover will give you a general idea of how much you should budget. Ensure you ask what constitutes the extra charges and why.


Sometimes you might want to go for something cheap, probably because of your financial buoyancy at that moment or because it is in human nature to want to minimize spending. However, you must understand that some movers have decided to take advantage of this by quoting relatively cheap rates and even allowing you to pay certain amounts upfront. Beware of such movers, especially if they ask for more than 20% deposit upfront. They are opportunists and to avoid scam, confirm their legitimacy before dealing with them.


After all, is said and done, do not go with a mover that doesn’t guarantee your need as an individual because, at the end of the day, your satisfaction should be most important.

There are three things to look out for in this aspect;

  • Ensure that the mover has a truck that is big enough to contain your properties at once. And will conveniently fit all your property without any getting damaged during the course of trying to fit all in at once.
  • Provision of additional packing space
  • Ensure that there is a space for old books, blankets, garment boxes, bubble wraps, etc.
  • Availability at the said date and time; It is important to know if the company would be available at that particular time window for pickup and delivery on the date and time that are convenient for you.

This is very important. Do not sanction a move without putting everything in writing; ask for clarification where necessary, do not assume.  From the movers estimate to extra charges to pickup and delivery dates must be listed, as well as the inventory list.

Read your contract and understand its content. Ensure that all your belongings are listed in the inventory, including the quantity. If your computer, for instance, is not listed in the inventory which you signed before the truck leaves, you can’t expect to find it in the box when it arrives for delivery. Check and double-check the contents of the box and ensure that they are consistent with those labeled on the inventory list.

Competition among movers is very fierce, and regardless of your location, you are bound to have a variety of options to choose from. So, you are advised to do your research, ask around, do not hesitate to look elsewhere the moment a company raises a red flag. At the end of the day, you want a company with proven credibility and integrity. Even though moving is a day affair, yet a lot could go wrong if you choose to choose the wrong long distance mover. The more effort and meticulousness you put into finding a mover, the less work you will have to put when dealing with the problems.