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Relocation is not cheap: it costs you time, money and energy. It is one thing that you have to get right by any means possible if you want it to go smoothly and without mishaps. So, while choosing a local mover to help in moving your stuff to another location, you should pay attention to how you receive the quote for your intended move. In most cases, what many people do is put a call through to the mover to get the quote for a move, but it is much better if you ask for a physical estimate instead. A Chula Vista mover should have no problems with providing you with an in-home visual estimate if that is what you are requesting for. A free in-home moving estimate is more accurate and precise as it gives you the exact amount you are going to pay for your move instead of estimates. Whether it is a long-distance move or local move, you should hire a mover that is willing to provide you with in-home visual estimates.

Things you should know about in-home estimates. 

  1. It does not matter if you are moving from a small property or if it is a short-distance move, a free in-home moving estimate is recommended.
  2. A commercial mover should offer free on-location moving and storage estimates by coming down to your home.
  3. If a commercial mover tries to dissuade you from getting an in-home moving estimate, stay away from such mover. They may not be the best for you. If a mover claims not to provide a free in-home moving estimate, do not hire them.
  4. Schedule the time for the estimate with the moving company and agree on a convenient time for them and you.
  5. Schedule several free in-home moving estimates with different movers so that you can compare rates and prices. This, however, does not mean that you should look out for the cheapest; it only means that you compare their prices to see if they are competitive rather than one company charging exorbitantly while another is charging you too low. The point here is to avoid scam and not compromise on quality service.
  6. When the representative from a moving company arrives at your home, show them around, and let them see all the things that you need to move. Take them to the rooms, the garden, the basement, attic, garage and other places where you have your stuff boxed up. Also, show them the special items such as the fragile and valuable items so that they can factor them into the supplies and arrangement for your move.
  7. Make sure not to leave anything out because if you need to add anything later, your moving cost will increase. You can also talk about the details of your move with the representative so that you can start planning towards the moving date. 

 Understanding Why You Need to Hire a Mover that Provides Free In-Home Moving Estimates 

Many people rely on phone or online estimates when planning their move with a Chula Vista mover but what they fail to realize is that it is easy for them to leave out some of the things they need to move or even fill incorrect sizes for their furniture. Calculations done this way are never accurate, which is why it is better for the movers to visit the home and physically inspect what needs to be moved so that they can give a more accurate quote.


If there is an error in the declaration of your belongings when requesting for a quote online or over the phone and then later, the moving company realizes that you have more stuff to move, it will cost you significantly more than you planned. If you have signed a binding estimate and made a deposit already, it will be financially unwise for you to start looking for another moving company to hire. This is why we always advise that you take advantage of an in-house estimate to prevent things like that from happening.

An in-home estimate may not be required if you are not moving a lot of things. For example, if you only have to move a couch and a couple of boxes, you can easily explain that on the phone and get your estimate rather than ask the company to send a representative to check your things.

Another reason to get a free in-home estimate is that you will be able to tell the representative from the moving company the specific things that you want to move and the ones you are not moving. For instance, if you will be leaving most of your furniture behind, it will be difficult to accurately describe this in an online form or over the phone; it is more effective to have the moving company come in to check the things that you are leaving behind. If you also have valuable items like jewelry, art, and antiques to pack, getting a moving expert to check them physically is a good idea so they can advise you on the best way to pack them. If you have a lot of fragile items to move, inform the mover because moving breakable things is more expensive.

When you meet a representative from the Chula Vista moving company that you are planning to hire you will be able to ask any question that you feel is important. You can ask any question that you have and get clear answers to them.


Whether it is a local move or you are moving your stuff to another city, an in-home moving estimate is never a bad idea. It does you a lot of good and helps you get things right. Contact different movers and compare their prices so that you can decide on which company to hire.

A move should be stress-free, and for that to happen, you have to make some right choices, which include making sure that the moving company you hire offers free in-home moving estimates.