Hire Moving Packers Tips

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Hire Moving Packers Tips

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None between packing and moving is an easy task, and the whole process can get so overwhelming that you might have to resort to hiring a professional packing service to help you get things done. Think about all of the other activities on your schedule. How do you intend to juggle all that with moving your things by yourself? This is enough reason for you to hire packers when moving.

Companies that offer professional packing services have a lot of services that they offer, which include transporting your items to your destinations, storage  as well as other services that can make packing, moving, and unpacking easier.

Whether you hire packers for your next move is determined by some factors. Below, we will be going over the things to expect from hiring professional packers, when and why you should hire them.


They work for moving companies, and their job description is to wrap and box the items that an individual or family is moving from one location to another. Unlike many of us, packing is their daily job, and they have mastered the art perfectly. This is why we can rely on their expertise to help us effectively pack our things whenever we need to move.


This depends on the company you choose to hire the packers from. There is always a contract agreement before the job, and the Packers will only do what is outlined in the contract. However, some of the basic services that professional packers render are highlighted below;

  • They will come with all the materials and tools that you need to pack all your stuff such as packing paper, boxes, plastic cushioning filled with air and packing tape.
  • They will go from room to room to pack every one of your belongings and wrap them for protection where necessary.
  • Each box will be labeled with the room where the items inside it were picked up. This makes it easy to unpack when you get to the new destination – and you will know where you should place each box.

This is not to say that there are no limitations to how much packers can do. Even though you have paid for the standard contractual agreement, there some things that packers will not help you do;

  • They will not take inventory of the things you want to pack, nor will they help you decide the things that you want to keep or throw away.
  • They will not put the details of the contents of a box on the label. They will only label the box with the room that they picked the items from.

This means that you also have a job to do. You are responsible for taking inventory of everything you have so you can know if anything goes missing later. You should also throw away whatever you do not intend to keep so that the packers do not pack it with the things you are taking with you.


Of course, it is convenient if you hire the services of professional packers to put all your things in boxes for you. It is, however, not cheap. Apart from paying the per-hour rates, you will also be the one to bear the expenses for supplies. Be prepared to spend between $400 and $1,200 depending on the size of your home. If you are spending that much, then the service must be worth it. And for the service to be worth it, you should have a reason for hiring professional packers and when it is a smart idea to hire them.

  1. If you are moving interstate

In most cases, many people move ahead of their stuff when moving from one state or city to another. If this is your situation, it makes a lot of sense to have a professional packing service company help you pack your things and ship them to you. This way, you will not need to travel all the way back to handle that.

  1. If you are disabled

If you have any physical disability, packing your things by yourself will be incredibly difficult or completely impossible. Packing involves a lot of physical effort, and if by chance you have limb problems, chronic pain in your joints or any other condition that makes it impossible for you to bend, lift heavy things or stand for long, then the best thing is to hire professional packers.

  1. If you have to move within a short notice

If you have a tight window within which you must move, best believe that it is hard to achieve on your own. It is possible to pack within a week or less and move within that same period, but it might require some expertise and extra hands. If you do not have those extra hands from family members or friends, your next best option is to hire professional packers.

  1. You are a busy person

If your work, family, or social commitments will not allow you to have time to organize your things for your move, better include the cost of professional packers in your budget for moving. Find out the reliable packers close to you and get in touch with them. You should also have it in mind that you will have to find time to be with them when they are at your home. And if you will not have time, take an inventory of your things so you can know everything that is packed and what is not.


If you are in any of the above situations, there are more advantages than disadvantages to hiring packers. Professional packers help you save time and energy. You do not have to worry about the stress of packing or that your fragile items might break. Professional packers also help get the job done within a short time. If you are not sure whether you should hire packers for your next move, we hope that we have sufficiently answered the question for you.